Wholesale Wedding Dresses: Valencia Collection by Tatiana Yanchenko

Legends come to life, heart strings music gets louder, the world gleams with bright colours and is ready to reveal to you all its secrets, because today you are the bride. Valencia collection of wedding dresses by Tatiana Yanchenko is a mysterious romance, elegance on the brink of perfection, impeccability of details and subtle tenderness.

Luxurious fabrics, original embroidery, smooth cut lines — all this makes the collection of wedding dresses really special.

The bride dressed in a gown from the Valencia collection turns into a fragile porcelain figurine, which draws stares — she is charming, she is vulnerable, she is like a dream. In each model the connection between the name, the idea and its realization is clearly seen. Therefore, it is worth to order wholesale Valencia wedding dresses for your salon, because your brides are the most beautiful and romantic girls. Give them an opportunity to feel like a dream come true.

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