The quality of wedding dresses from designer Tatiana Janchenko in Ukraine

What is the quality of our corset, which is sewn on the Israeli technology! Our corset has a basic, back-up and backing fabric. It is cut from a shallow cut parts, which allows beneficial to simulate the shape and reduce the volume of waist. When utjazhki our corset can reduce the waist to 6-8cm. To keep the corset we put in stitches-regelin plate, each edge we zaplavlyaem and treated with a special tape. Because of this, the quality corsets flawlessly regelin not breaks out, not get out and stabs you in the armpit. Thanks to the right technology, our corsets are not going to pieces and do not break in two, as it often happens in corsets, purchased in the market.

Please note pad corset - it is a double lining for use only high quality fabrics as a result of the corset has a dense base. When the individual sewing to order, on the inner side in corsets we vystrachivaem cup individually for your breast shape, and we do not use foam cups. Because of this, there is no need to wear a bra, no matter what your cup size. As a result, the corset perfect breasts raises and there are no kinks.

For lacing corset we use strong cord, making reliable lacing during utjazhki loop is not pulled out. As a rule, we use a wide ribbon for lacing, which gives the product an expensive kind of corset top class !! For us it is important that our customers are satisfied, and quality for us in the first place. We do not save on fabric and sew on the simplified technology.

We make exclusive high-quality products to order, and the quality to us first! Each client is treated individually and take into account all your wishes!!!