Minor Wedding Dresses by Tatiana Yanchenko

To laugh with joy, to dance to the music of the heart, to sing a gentle love song — it is exactly the way people want to behave trying on any model from the Minor collection of wedding dresses by Tatiana Yanchenko. You’re like an open book, clean and high chord that needs no unnecessary details. Be free, surprising, captivating — you’re the bride, so you can do it.

Decide who you want to be — Eve, Cleopatra, or Josephine, listen to music, which sounds in your soul, and strike with your beauty, tenderness, and passion. All the models of the Minor Bridal Collection are the extravaganza of luxurious fabrics and delicate embroidery, handmade. It is the elegance of silhouettes that emphasize the dignity of the forms as well as non-standard solutions of the cut.

If you own a wedding salon, you really have to buy wholesale Minor wedding dresses to help girls to become the perfect embodiment of a romantic bride. The puffy multi-layered skirts and simple silhouettes, boldly cutout back and chaste long sleeves, plenty of additional accessories and laconism in its absence — all of this has found its place in the Minor collection.

You can order wholesale Minor wedding dresses by designer Tatiana Yanchenko at our website.