Wedding Dresses: Madeleine Collection by Tatiana Yanchenko

Classics in its pure execution, not a single superfluous detail, simple lines and delicate fabrics — all this is the Madeleine collection of wedding dresses by Tatiana Yanchenko. Easy tilt of the head, sly glance from beneath lowered lashes — and you surely conquer the hearts of everyone around you. Bride in the wedding dress from the Madeleine collection is charming in her simplicity. She does not need additional tricks for the whole world to recognize her excellence.

In this collection, light fabrics combined with elegant lace corsets give any bride a perfect shape, handmade embroidery serves as a wonderful decoration to emphasize the fragility of the hands and the tenderness of the back.

Sometimes, it’s hard to choose one variant out of the extravaganza of wedding dresses, especially if you own a bridal salon. In order not to miss any luxury model, it is best to buy wholesale Madeleine wedding dresses. Then there will be no bride who can go past your store, because these outfits captivate with their romance.

To order wholesale Madeleine wedding dresses for a bridal shop means to give young girls an opportunity to show their individuality and to create a unique image of a young and gentle bride.