Wholesale Wedding Dresses: Lucia Collection by Tatiana Yanchenko

You are moving among the guests in barely audible flying gait. Easy tilt of the head is a greeting; a charming smile is your gratitude for attention and a little present to the guest. Wearing a piece from the Lucia collection of wedding dresses by Tatiana Yanchenko, any bride will be able to find exactly the image, with the help of which she can easily present the whole range of feelings and emotions associated with such a significant day as a wedding.

Gently flowing fabrics with an addition of embroidery and exquisite ornaments will create a unique image of the graceful and loving girl who is ready to whirl in wedding waltz with her fiance. The bride looks like a wonderful, delicate flower in her wedding gown from the Lucia collection.

If you are an owner of a fashionable wedding salon and wish to order wholesale Lucia wedding dresses, it is best to contact the designer directly through the website. Exclusive and high-quality models of wedding dresses will be the highlight of any wedding salon and will definitely attract new clients. Buying wholesale wedding dresses is a perfect way to give your brides an opportunity to enjoy the admiring glances of guests, and of course, of the most important man in their life — the future husband.